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Grade 2016-Selection of Electronics System Comprehensive Assignment

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About  Electronics System Comprehensive Assignment  in 2019 Spring term:

There are total 10 projects for Grade 2016 EEA +Automation students (30 persons) to select as your  Electronics System Comprehensive Assignment [ 4 credits ].

Each project may support a group (with 3 students)

You may discuss and find team members, and select one project,  send your choice info[the Rank No.] to Madam Luling. 

Selection deadline: 5:00PM , FEB 26th,  Tuesday in No.1week.

This Electronics System Comprehensive Assignment should be completed within first 4weeks in this term following your tutor.

and there will be a final and formal  report  presentation (oral defense) of this Electronics System Comprehensive Assignment on about No.5 week.

Whether you may get credit or not, and your score, will be evaluated on your Design production and final presentation by your tutor.