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2019Spring Schedule-EE&NE College2019春季课表

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updated on May 23rd, 2019

2019Spring Term lasts from Feb 25th,2019 to July 12nd,2019, total 20 teaching weeks.


Grade 2018

please pay attention to the classroom change on Circuit course from No.12 week Monday.

please pay attention to Chinese History,Society and Culture course, it will last till No.17week. 


Grade 2017

please pay attention to the change on Tuesday Signal and System course from No.12 week.

please pay attention also to the change on 20179109 Sensors and Detection course, to Friday moring J-3216, from No.12 week.

please pay attention also to MATLAB course, last class is on No.14 week Wednesday, not MONDAY.

please pay attention also Mechanical Fundamentals course, First class will start from No.14 week Tuesday night.


Grade 2016

No.15 Week Communication Theory, two courses are changed to No.18week Tuesday afternoon 2:00-5:40PM/

20169099, Power System Transient State Analysis, 

No,16 week, Thursday  afternoon 2:00PM in J1406.

and also No,17 wwek, Thursday  moring 10:00AM in J1406.

20169109, Electrical Apparatus and PLC

this No.14week, No.16week, No.17Week, Friday Morning 8:00AM in J3505.


Grade 2015

please pay attention to time change on Experiment course, it will start from No.9 week Monday night 7:00PM.

and third times in No.9 week with third times in No.10 week.