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Compitition and Training on Electronics Design

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Compitition Arrangement

College of Electrical Engineering and New Energy will hold the competiton on electronics design

about on March 2nd-3rd  based on group [basically 3students in one group].

If any student in CTGU want to participate this competition, please join this wechat group:

and register your competiton group infomation[3students] to Dr.Yuan Jianhua or Mr.Lu yun Laoshi.

Deadling on Registration for the Compitition: within FEB 24th.


Training Arrangement :

1)  From FEB 12nd- FEB 15th, each day, Morning 8:30-11:30AM and Afternoon 2:30-5:30PM, Please go to B1-107 lab, 水电楼。

attend the training course punctually.

2) During the training course, We will arrange the visit of Siemens Advanced Automation Technoloy Demonstration Center, 

6th floor, inside College of  Electrical Engineering and New Energy office buildling, 电气科学楼.

     Notice: please follow teachers guidance, pay attention to the safety inside lab.

3) About the compitition arrangement, and how to make group, tutor will inform you within the training course, please follow tutor directions.

This is the REISTRATION STUDENTS list, until deadline, Monday[Feb 11] afternoon 2:00PM.




College of Electrical Engineering and New Energy will hold a training course on electronics design

[including visiting Siemens Lab and training in B1-107 Embedded System Lab] 

during Feb 12-Feb 15, Morning 8:30-11:30AM and Afternoon 2:30-5:30PM.

and hold a contest about on March 2nd  based on group[basically 3students in one group].

only need individual registration./ Later in the training course, will make the group

If you want to join this activity, please register to your monitor within Monday[Feb 11] noon 11:50AM./

[Infomation:  1)Student Number and 2)Student Name and3) Class Number]

Since our college will arrange the electronics elements and contest part, so please do the registration!

Each Monitor, please send the name list to Madam Lu or Max Sir within Monday[Feb 11] afternoon 2:00PM./

If there are any students from other colleges or majors who want to join this activity, they are also welcomed.

For those students who are not in college of EENE, Please send your info to Keneni (ISA vice president), she will  help register info.

Keneni wechat number: kenhiro100, and also within Monday[Feb 11] noon 11:50AM./

[Infomation: 1)Student Number and 2)Student Name and3) Class Number]