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留学生公寓通知Notice from Dormitory Office

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Dear all the students

As the winter vocation is coming, in order to ensure the safety of the students, we hereby advice you to pay attention to the following issues.

I Safety Tips

1 To prevent away all the hidden fire hazard, it is forbidden to use illegal electric appliance such as warmer, hand warmer, electric blanket, hair drier, electric iron in the dorm, to cook and smoke in the dorm. Please change the power line in time if it was damaged or inferior. Remember to turn off the power when you leave the dorm every time.

2 For fear of being stolen, to keep all the valuables property and cash well, meanwhile to lock the door before you leave the dorm. To keep away the strangers sneaking in and bringing the security threat to our apartment, you also required to close the glass door of the hall readily.

3 For fear any unexpected hurt, you should better be back before the door closed at night.

4 To prevent the inconvenience caused by damage of water pipe, please close the window in time and keep the tap running slowly and slightly every time when the temperature is too low.

II Be stick to obey all the regulations of apartment. Every building managed in close style during the vocation. Students who do not living in the building can not entry unless finishing registration, but no visitors can stay overnight. No opposite sex can entry the dorms by any excuse. It is forbidden to make noises loudly or play music loudly that may disturb others study and rest. For better environment, please do not piling up the daily garbage in the pubic area.

III The maintenance will be as usual. The repairmen of water heater and air conditioner will be contacted as soon as possible, so please be patient to wait after report. You can ask for help from duty worker if you need professional drain and should be responsible for the expense by yourself.

IV Please do registration and let us know if you are going to leave for a long time and make sure the door are closed and main power are cut off.

Wish all of you a wonderful vocation!




                                   International Student Dormitory Office

                                         December 27th , 2018