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2018Autumn Exam-Grade 2015 Final Exam Schedule2018秋季2015级期末考试安排

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2018 Autumn Semester EENE College Final Exam Schedule      2018秋季学期 澳门新浦京娱乐场网站 留学生期末考试安排表

TimeGradeSubjectExam room
2019/1/11No.19Friday星期五10:00-11:5020159099Power System Relay ProtectionJ-3320电力系统继电保护
2019/1/15No.20Tuesday星期二10:00-11:5020159099High Voltage Technology  J-3210高电压技术

According to [ Regulations on Status Management for International Undergraduate Students of China Three Gorges University (Revised) ]

Chapter Two Enrollment and Registration

Article 6 The self-financed student shall be registered and enrolled only after paying all the tuition, accommodation fee and other relevant fees of one semester (for the students whose length of schooling is one semester) or one academic year (for the students whose length of schooling exceeds one semester) within two weeks after registration. Otherwise, the students will be automatically assumed as voluntary withdrawal.

Article 10 For student who fails to register in time for reasons such as not clearing tuition fees, they may attend the class with the permission of the college, but they do not enjoy any other rights as a regular student. The students will enjoy all the rights after registration.

 Chapter Three Study Discipline

Article 14 As one part of the evaluation of student’s academic performance, the attendance is included into the daily assessment results. If the students are absent for up to 1/3 of teaching hours of one course in a given semester (including approved leave), they are not allowed to sit the final examination of the course, and they could only sit the supplementary exam.

The Exam Roster of Grade2015 Electrical Engineering International Students

12015909901Uddin Md Aslam
22015909902Rana Rubel
32015909905Kazi MD Salauddin
42015909909Muta Ali Md Muktadir
52015909910Jahan Nusrat
62015909911Tchassem Simo Aurelien Gaetan
72015909913Khan Christear Ahmed
82015909914Gnia Tsata Wilfried Landry
92013923139Clement Arthur Kusi