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Master Tutor3-Ph.D Zhang Yunning

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NameZhang, Yunning

TitleAssociate Professor

Research Interests: Networked Control Systems, Wide-area Control for Power Systems


· Ph.D., 2014 — Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China

· M.S., 2006 — Chongqing University, China

· B.S., 2003 —Chongqing University, China

· Visiting Scholar (Dec. 2016 – Dec. 2017). University of California, Merced, USA

Funding History

Distributed Voltage Control and Reactive Power Optimization Methods of Micro-grid Based on ADMM, National Natural Science Foundation of China (61603212), PI, 20,000, 2017/01/01~2019/12/31.


1) Zhang Yunning, Yue Dong, Hu Songlin. Wide-Area H Control for Damping Interarea Oscillations with Event-Triggered Scheme. Mathematical Problems in Engineering, vol. 2013, Article ID 517608, 2013. (SCI)

2) Hu Songlin, Zhang Yunning, Du Zhaoping. Network-based H tracking control with event-triggering sampling scheme, IET Control Theory & Applications, 2012, 6(4): 533-544.

3)  Hu Songlin, Zhang Yunning , Du Zhaoping. Robust H  control for T-S fuzzy systems with probabilistic interval time varying delay, Nonlinear Analysis: Hybrid Systems 2012, 6: 871-884.

4)  Zhang Yunning, Yue Dong, Huang Yuehua. Wide-Area Damping Controller Design for Power System via Dynamic Output Feedback, In Proc. of the 33rd Chinese Control Conference, 2014.

5) Zhang Yunning, Yue Dong, Hu Songlin. Digital PID based load frequency control through open communication networks. In Proc. of the 27th Chinese Control and Decision Conference, 2015.

6) Zhang Yunning, Yue Dong, Hu Songlin. WAMS-based dynamic output-feedback control of power systems with network-induced delay and random data missing, In Proc. of the 34rd Chinese Control Conference, 2015.

7) Hu Songlin, Zhang Yunning, YinXiuxia, Du Zhaoping. T-S fuzzy-model-based robust stabilization for a class of nonlinear discrete-time networked control systems, Nonlinear Analysis: Hybrid Systems, 2013, (3): 69-82.

8) Hu Songlin., YinXiuxia, Zhang Yunning, TianEngang. Event-triggered guaranteed cost control for uncertain discrete-time networked control systems with time-varying transmission delays, IET Control Theory & Applications, 2012, 6(18): 2793-2804.


CN201210408752.2, Wide-area Damping Control System for Power Systems Based on Event-triggered Scheme

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