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Master Tutor9-Ph.D Yang Nan

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Title: Associate Professor, Doctor, MA student adviser;

Research subject: Power System and Automation

Main Research Direction: Power system dispatching automation with new energy, Power system analysis and modeling, Power system planning, Operation and control of micro-grid, Active distribution network.


Personal profile: Born in May, 1987. 2005-2009 studied at Taiyuan University of Technology. 2009-2014 attended Wuhan University. He is teaching at the new energy micro-grid research center of the Institute of electrical and new energy of China Three Gorges University (CTGU) from June 2014 to now. Since his coaching, he has been devoted to graduate education and scientific research in the field of power system, which has achieved fruitful results. Currently, he has presided over 1 project of National Natural Science Foundation of China Youth Fund and 7 national key power projects of State Grid and China Southern Power Grid. His cumulative research fund is nearly 2 million RMB. In recent years, through the cooperation with scientific research projects, he has formed good cooperative relations with the provincial and municipal companies of the State Grid and China Southern Power Grid. Thus, he can provide a good platform for postgraduates to study, research and employment. As of now, he has published more than 10 articles, 8 of them were indexed by the Engineering Index (EI).


Learning experiences: From September 2005 to June 2009, he graduated with a bachelor's degree in Electrical engineering and automation in the college of electrical engineering, Taiyuan University of Technology. From September 2009 to June 2014, he graduated with a doctor's degree in the Power system and automation in the College of electrical engineering, Wuhan University.


The main scientific research projects have been presided in the past five years:

(1) The National Natural Science Foundation of China: Study on unit combination model and numerical solution method of random deterministic coupled power system considering AC power flow safety constraints.

(2) State Grid Corporation of science and technology projects: Development of a micro-grid pilot system for the national Lanzhou New District Smart Grid integrated construction project with AC/DC hybrid multi-level micro-grid.

(3) State Grid Hunan Electric Power Company Science and Technology Project: Research on Key Technologies for Improving the Safe, Stable Operation and Transmission Capability of Hunan Power Grid after Jiuquan to Hunan UHVVDC Access-System and the Test of Power Peak regulation and Power Consumption Balance Comprehensive Analysis.

(4) State Grid Sichuan Electric Power Company Science and Technology Project: Research on Distribution Network Planning Standards for Low Density Load Areas who’s Facing Voltage Quality.

(5) China Southern Power Grid Yunnan Power Company Science and Technology Project: Research on Intelligent Test and Data Management Technology of Control and Protection System Motherboard Card.

(6) State Grid Hubei Electric Power Company Science and Technology Project: Construction of distribution network planning system based on SEC and Research on Key Technology.

(7) State Grid Gansu Electric Power Company Science and Technology Project: Research on New Large Users' Direct Power Purchase and other Promotion Strategy Based on the Reform Background.


Representative papers:

[1] Yang Nan, Wang Bo, Liu Dichen, Zhao Jie, Wang He. An Integrated Supply-demand Stochastic Optimization Method Considering Large-scale Wind Power and Flexible Load [J]. Proceedings of the CSEE. 2013.33(16):63-69.

[2] Yang Nan, Wang Bo, Liu Dichen, Zhao Jie, Wang He. Large-Scale Wind Power Stochastic Optimization Scheduling Method Considering Flexible Load Peaking [J]. Transactions of China Electrotechnical Society. 2013.28(11):231-238.

[3] Yang Nan, Cui Jiazhan, Zhou Zheng, Zhang Shanyong, Zhang Liufeng, Liu Dichen, Hu Weiyi. Research on Nonparametric Kernel Density Estimation for Modeling of Wind Power Probability Characteristics Based on Fuzzy Ordinal Optimization[J]Power System Technology20153912):1-6.

[4] Yang NanLiu DichenDong KaisongWang BoWei DaqianZhu ZhenshanYang Yunlei. An Integrated Stochastic Scheduling Method for Wind Power Supply and Demand Side Considering Flexible Load Compensation / Excitation Mechanism [J]. Electric Power Automation Equipment.2015.35(2):15-20.

[5] Yang Nan, Liu Di-chen, Sun Wentao, Zhao Jie, Dong Chao, Wang Qiang. Research about photovoltaic power’s penetration limit based on the peak load balance constraint [J]. Power System Protection and Control.2013.41(4):1-6.

[6] Yang NanZhou ZhengDong KaisongZhang ShanyongCui Jiazhan. Simultaneous probability distribution characteristics of wind farm output power[J]Renewable Energy Resources2015,(11):1646-1651.

[7] Yang NanZhou ZhengLi ZhenCui JiazhanZheng XiangyuYang Jun. Combined Model Based on EEMD and Improved Elman Neural Network for Wind Power Prediction[J]Power System and Clean Energy2015,(10):112-117+122.


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