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Master Tutor11-Ph.D XuYanchun

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Phone Number 13618694083

Personal profile:

Graduated from: Harbin Institute of Technology

Major: Electrical Engineering

Professional Interests:

signal processing and harmonics detection

power matrix converter applied in power system

power system analysis and protective relays

partial discharge detection in large-scale electric devices


2006-2010  Harbin Institute of Technology, School of Electrical Engineering and Automation .
Graduated in July, 2010 with a Ph.D. degree in Power Electronics and Power Drives.

2004-2006 Harbin Institute of Technology, School of Electrical Engineering and Automation .
Graduated in July, 2006 with a master’s degree in electric theory and new technology.

1995-1999. Hohai University, School of Electrical Engineering and Automation.
Graduated in July, 1999 with a undergraduate’s degree in power system and automation.


Teaching experiences:

visiting scholar in Texas A&M University in America in 2011- 2013

Associate professor, 2010-current

Lecturer, 2004-2010

Assistant professor, 1999-2004

Courses taught

Power System Analysis

electric Circuit Analysis

Power System Relay Protection


Selected Publications:

1 Yan-chunXu, Yu-longLiuZhen-xingLi, Zhen-huaLi, Quan WangHarmonic Estimation Base on Center Frequency Shift AlgorithmMAPAN-Journal of Metrology Society of India,2017,1(32),43-50Included by SCI , IDS NumberEN7VU

2 Y.C.Xu, X. D Qu,  Frequency Detection of Self-adaption Control Based on Chaotic Theory. Chinese. Phys. B2015,243),034301-1034301-5 (Included by SCI , IDS Number: CD4MH)

3 Y.C.Xu, C.L. Yang, X.D.Qu.The New Approach to Detecting Weak Signal in Strong Noise Based on Chaos System Control.Chin. Phys. B201019(3),030516-1030516-5(Included by SCIIDS Number:570GQ)

4 Xu Yanchun, Yang Chunling. New method of weak signal frequency detection using high-level chaotic oscillator. Journal of Harbin Institute of Technology. 2010,42(3),446450 (Included by EI , Accession Number: 2010 2012933002)

5 Y.C.Xu,C.L.Yang.The Study of Weak Signal Detection Based on Chaotic Oscillator.2007International Conference on Communications, Circuits and Systems Proceedings , Kokura, Japan ,2007, 693696.Included by EI , Accession Number: 081211153589

6 Y.C.Xu, C.L. Yang, M.Zhu, X.D.Qu.The Study of Low Temperature Target Weak Signal Detection Technique Based on Power. Spectrum. 4th IEEE Conference on Industrial Electronics and Applications, Xi'an, China,2009, 14301434.( Included by EI, Accession Number: 20094012351451

7 QU Xiaodong, XU Yanchun.Indirect Matrix Converter Based on Investigations of Field-oriented Control for Induction Motor.4th IEEE Conference on Industrial Electronics and Applications.Xi'an, 2009, 709714. (Included by EI, Accession Number:  20094012351
8 Xu Yanchun, Qu Xiaodong. The characteristic parameter estimation of low temperature target weak signal based on VanderPol-Duffing system. International Conference on Energy and Environment. Shenzhen. 2011, 425428

9 Xu Yanchun,Yanch Chunling,Qu Xiaodong.The study of weak signal detection arithmetic based on chaotic oscillator.Chines Journal of Science Instrument. 2007,28,391394

10 Xu Yanchun,Yang Chunling, Song Tiesuo. Design of acquisition system for weak signal based on USB. Electrical Application. 2008,24(8), 161162


Researched Project:

1 The Scientific Research Fund for the Returned Overseas Chinese Scholars, State Education Ministry (Grant Number: KJ2015QT007 ).

2. The Fund for Hubei Key Laboratory of Cascaded Hydropower Stations Operation & Control in China  (Grant Number:2015KJX08 )

3 The R&D Research and Development Fund in Yichang Science and Technology Bureau (Grant Number: A15-302-a12)

4 The Scientific Research Fund for the Talent in China Three Gorges University(Grant Number:KJ2013B079)