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Announcement about Safety Education for International Students before and after Labor Day Holiday

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Dear all:

The Labor Day Holiday (April 29-May1) is coming. Considering about your personal safety, this announcement is to remind you the safety precautions as follows. Please read all the items and remember them.

1.     Register your whereabouts to your advisor before the holiday

In order to maintain your personal safety, make sure register your whereabouts in the holiday to your advisor before the holiday. For example, if you plan to leave the school during the holiday, please register your departure time, destination and back time in details to your adviser.

2. Safety in the Dormitory

If you stay in the university, you are required to return back to your dorm before 11:00 PM during the Labor Day Holiday. You should not stay outside at night and are not allowed to use illegal appliances in the dormitory, or make noise which would influence others’ rest in the dormitory. You are not allowed to burn incense and candles in the dormitory. If you need to pray, please go to the legal places, such as the church and the mosque. It is not permitted to pray in any public areas. You are expected to make your room neat and tidy and cooperatively support the work of dormitory management.

2. Dietary Safety

As for your dietary safety, make sure the food for your three meals every day is clean and fresh.

3. Transportation Safety

To keep your safety in transportation (especially for travelling), you are not allowed to buy illegal vehicles and you should obey the traffic rules. When crossing the street, don’t watch your mobile phones, chase each other or romp around. It is forbidden to illegally drive motorcycle,  illegally drive over-standard e-bicycle and illegally take passenger on e-bicycle.

4. Safety in Sports

If you want to do sports, we suggest you go to the university gymnasium or in the university playground. It is forbidden to swim in the rivers and do sports in any insecure places.

5. Property Safety

Please take good care of your private property such as your mobile phone, computer and cash, etc. The above-mentioned everyday-life objects are expected to be stored in specific cupboards of your dormitory. After you leave your dormitory, make sure the door is locked.

6Other Aspects

When you (especially for girls) go out, make sure you have at least one companion. Don’t accept it when strangers offer a lift to you. It is forbidden for any individual to organize group trip. Excessive drinking is absolutely forbidden!


Wish everybody a good Labor Day Holiday!


                    Department of International Relations

                           China Three  Gorges University

                                      April 28, 2018