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Wired Leaders’ approach to creating a collaborative culture is to cultivate a collaborative mindset in each and every individual regardless of position in the organization. Collaboration is a mindset held by everyone that is embedded in the culture, fueled by the expertise and passion.

Based on our research, there are four predictors of a collaborative culture

  1. Clear and aligned Vision, purpose and goals
  2. Clear values which drive the culture
  3. Empowerment of individuals through effective leadership
  4. Organizational Structures , systems and policies

To achieve the above takes critical thinking and specific skills on both the individual and organizational level. To this end we focus on individual attitude, skills and actions and organizational examination of the barriers and promoters of collaboration in the larger system.

We use two models to approach collaboration on the individual level. The first is Heart, Head, Hands which focuses first on your character and willingness to bring out the best in yourself and others. The Head is about individuals’ attitudes and beliefs, and the Hands are the daily actions.

We couple this with specific skills to achieve a collaborative mindset and approach. These include

Utilizing difference-seeking out differences, dealing with conflict which may arise

Nurturing safety and trust by listening and refraining from judgment and learning from mistakes

Instituting clear purpose, values and goals through chartering and building alignment

Talking openly, sharing information and building interpersonal skills

Empowering yourself and others through continuous learning and networking

At Wired Leaders we provide simple models, assessment skill building and tools to help leaders create the right environment for their people while ensuring alignment with the organization’s goals and strategies.
We can also provide tools and strategies to look at organizational systems and policies that inhibit or promote a collaborative culture through critical assessment and tools for change.